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Evan Michael
Gran Vía
Mogi Grumbles
I Heard You Were Dead
Markus Guentner
Shadows of the City
A Setting Sun
Jacob 2-2
Fantasiarexia EP
18 Carat Affair
Vintage Romance
Zack Christ
Lucky Pork / Far East Side
A Setting Sun
Flower Garden of Rejuvenation
Dorian White
Holding a Ghost
Rob Theakston
I Am Waiting for You to Stop Being Mad At Me
A Setting Sun
Flower Garden of Doom
Summer's Wet Work Is Done
Worst Friends
Pillows of Wind EP
Mogi Grumbles
Revolutions Per Minute
One Of Them
Tetrised EP
Isomer Transition
Seth Troxler
Various Artists
No New Enemies Vol. 1